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What began as a small interest in starting “just another blog” has become something great and exciting. While we’re at it, why not share the lives of people who inspire us the world over, from the busboy to the janitor, the professional and the artist, to pretty much every one else.

Everyone has a story to tell, regardless of what we often refer to as “status” but which at Visual Vines we’d like to call “a place in time.” The nurse, the janitor, the housewife or househusband, even those going through a rough time in their current life have something inspiring to tell us.

I once came across the story of Liz Murray, a homeless teenage girl who made it to Harvard. I lost all the excuses I had made throughout my life after reading how she would sleep over at friends’ houses and oftentimes the street or the subway station. There is one thing she had, however, something that as humans we often feel too weak to know that we have, a “fight.” Liz Murray certainly had that, besides her schoolbooks. 

While not everyone has Liz Murray’s life, all have their stories of overcoming one life problem or another. At Visual Vines, we hope you enjoy these stories, as much as we enjoyed dong them, and that they inspire you as well as inform you, and let you know about the beauty of life. There is always someone who has had a piece of our life within their own experiences, who can teach us a thing or two about rise above the hurdles that we ourselves have faced or are still facing.

So sit back, get a cup of hot chocolate, open the jar of marshmallows, and enjoy while getting to know yourself better.

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