Who is Brett?

Interview by: Cesar Portillo.


Brett is a director and independent associate at LegalShield . He took a moment to zoom-sit with us to discuss a bit about himself, why he chose LegalShield as the company where he would establish himself, and what is good about LegalShield.

Brett was born in Massachusetts. His father was a businessman and his mother a stay-home mom. He graduated in mathematics from the University of Vermont and undertook a job as an environmental scientist, a position he left to pursue a career in real estate. Ten years later, he was an associate at LegalShield, and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

Brett got me involved in LegalShield a few months back, and the help I have been able to provide people with legal needs is nothing short of fulfilling. Long time ago, I experienced the helplessness of not having ready legal help at the push of a button, you know, like a rich man would have.


…you don’t know when your identity will be stolen. You don’t know when you’re going to get that next speeding ticket. Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. You gotta get your will done. And everything else. You don’t know when you’re going to get sued.

It started one day when a friendly man in my neighborhood offered to help me with my car problems. We settled on the price for the repair, for which he got an advance. When I returned to see how my vehicle fared in his driveway, he told me that the price for fixing it had increased, and that he had already done the work, so I couldn’t tell him to forget it. He held my car hostage, and wouldn’t return it to me unless I paid him the additional sum.

My trip to lawyers’ offices was not an easy thing. Lawyers asked for a lot of money, simply for the consultation, often more than the new price the repairman was charging me. I asked a cop, who happened to be a friend of mine, if he could do something. He told he could have, but that the car was in an area outside his jurisdiction. I had the papers of the contract with the repairman, and the only advice he could give me was to file a civil lawsuit. Things happened, I had to take a trip, and one thing led to the other, and when I came back, the car was no longer in the guy’s driveway, and there was no way I could get it back.

I felt the gentleman had done this before. Had I had an entire law firm at my side to file a case against the repairman and to represent me at court, my story would have been much different. I would have been protected. And so joining LegalShield for me was a no brainer. I became a protected associate, and being a part of it meant that I could help people with similar or other problems, who are left by the wayside with no help from anyone.

Brett tackles what I believe is the unfair label of MLM pegged to the company. Brett admits that the company does not shy away from the labelin fact, flaunts it in its own unique waybut that, nonetheless, the service is real and true. The law firms are real and always handy and ready to help its members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As a writer, I would not put my reputation on the line by providing a “non-service.” I find this an important service—and I have my own story and reasons for joining it, as I expressed above—that, even if we can say a bit of the system should change, has helped millions of people, good people, who otherwise would have no access to true and professional legal help.

If you’re interested in a plan, visit my associate’s website.  You also can find Brett’s links below.

The Interview

Brett, how are you doing?

Doing great, how are you?

Doing good, man. Why are you up so late?

(Laugh) It’s noon here. Where are you, in Australia? (Being a partner, Brett knows about my life in Australia).

Noon, what city are you in?

I’m outside of Denver Colorado.

Denver Colorado. Well, it’s not noon there, is it?

Well, no, it’s 11:40 pm. It’s late.

Ok, so you’re like an hour ahead.


So tell me a little about your education.

I went to college at the University of Vermont and graduated with a bachelor’s in science, and then got into consulting in Boston. I did environmental consulting for a few years before deciding to move out west.

What made you switch from environmental consulting to a career in LegalShield?

Well, there was a lot of time between those two events. But yeah, I was working in corporate America and had just got out of college, and it just kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. My boss was stressed out, I was stressed out. I didn’t want to work hard to be like him.

What was your position in the environmental field?

The title was scientist. We would do environmental set assessments and come back and write reports. I had the opportunity to move out west, and so that’s what I did. When I got out to California, looked for some jobs out there. And, pretty quickly, actually launched a business in real estate, and was able to quit my corporate America job, had some really successful real estate deals [etc.] Unfortunately, then the whole market crashed in 2006…2007. At that point, I had to change the model of what we were doing, and fell into a businessforeclosure prevention: helping homeowners in foreclosure.

So when LegalShield came into my life, this was actually ten years later—you know, fast forward. A friend of mine called me, told me his daughter’s identity had been stolen. She was in kindergarten. I didn’t know that could happen to a child. We had just had a baby, and so I asked the question, which everybody should be asking right now, “how do I protect my family?” You know, against identity theft. And it was a friend of mine, insurance agent, sharp guy (sic); he said “I did all the research on identity theft protection companies, and this is the most comprehensive protection.” And I said, “great, sign me up.” (Laugh).

Just like that?

Yeah, it was pretty simple. I mean, Identity theft, I’d just learned, was putting my family at risk. I mean, you don’t know, nobody knows, when identity theft is gonna hit. It’s not worth it. I just didn’t know. Most people don’t know. First, I got into the identity side of LegalShield, and he told me about the legal plan, the legal product. I was like, “that makes sense, sign me up for that, too.” Then he told me I could share these services and make money. You can get paid, daily, make residual income, and I was like, well, that makes a lot of sense, too. I was like, “you know what? If that makes sense for my family, it’s gotta make sense for others.”

And then, also, I was thinking of all the people in foreclosure that I had helped, or couldn’t help, because they could not afford attorneys. And you know, notorious in the foreclosure industry, and the legal industry, is that attorneys are not affordable, they’re are not accountable, and they’re unreliable. So, you could have a situation, like a foreclosure, and you hire an attorney and they don’t do a good job. They don’t help you. Now, you got two problems: you’re still in foreclosure, or still have that legal problem, and now you just lost thousands of dollars. And you know what? I can help anybody with any legal issue, anywhere. I have a massive attorney network that covers all areas of law. I started sharing the information with people.


Multilevel Marketing has to do with team building. It’s the fairest model on the planet. If you’re going to get a job and work for your boss, that’s a pyramid.


How did you start building your clientele?

I reached out to some like-minded businesspeople, brought them onboard, and did some online marketing to generate more people that were interested in these services and opportunities. And I took what I thought was just going to be a supplemental income, a part-time thing, into a career opportunity, you know, within 3, 4 weeks.

You have a story where LegalShield truly came through for someone in legal trouble?

Countless stories. Countless stories. I mean, I was on the phone with a lady one time, and she was having a dispute with her neighbor, who was building a fence on her property, and she was like, “I need an attorney now!” Cops were there, and she was hysterical. It was a Sunday. And I was like, “the good news is that we can help you, we can get an attorney on the phone right now. The bad news, it’s going to take fifteen minutes.” So, we signed her up and she was able to get the law firm on the line. So, that was pretty amazing. I don’t know what happened after that, but, again, I did my job.

One of the most impactful stories I’ve ever heard is where a guy, his name was Bo. He got pulled over in a small town in Texas. He actually knew the cop, cop knew him, and the cop said, “Bo, I just need to run your license, routine.” Cop does that, comes back to the car, says, “Bo, we got a problem. You have forty felonies on your record, and seventy misdemeanors.”


Right, that’s a bad day for anybody. And the reality is, it could happen to anybody. [Bo] had no idea. He was the victim of identity theft. His identity was sold at a flea market 300 times. So, the guy, Bo, goes, “Hey, can I just call my attorney?” The cop goes, “How are you going to call your attorney? It’s seven, eight o’clock at night.” And [Bo] said, “well, I got LegalShield.” And the cop says, “Well, if you can get your attorney on the phone, we’ll get the sergeant down here.” Well, that’s what [Bo] did, he got the attorney on the phone, who got six other state attorneys on the phone, and they started working on it right away. And [Bo] didn’t go to the (sic) jail, our service expunged his entire criminal record in two weeks, and the sergeant was so impressed, the entire police quad got our service. They saw what this is. We work with everybody, police department, school districts, medical facilities, etc.

That’s an amazing story.

There was another story…I mean, and I’ve used the service 30 plus times, 40 times, uh, not ever thinking I would ever need an attorney. Everybody wants to avoid attorneys. It’s just cuz they’re expensive, not that we don’t benefit. We just don’t think to use them, cuz we think that, that we gotta break laws, and what not, but they’ve saved me twenty-five, thirty-thousand dollars. Never paid anything out of pocket, at a…around forty times that I’ve called the law firm about trivial to dramatic stuff.

Father, Husband, Businessman


Now, you’re a father and a husband. Does your career [the things he’s learned along the way] impact the way you raise your child?

Yeah, well, I’ve been working from home for fifteen plus years, so the home life and the work life have kind of blended together. But yeah, I will say that before our sonyou know, our son is three years oldbefore him, the flexibility of working from home…it was amazing. I could travel whenever I wanted, do whatever I wanted. Truly amazing what being self-employed can do. And then, once we had our son, priorities changed. And so, I carve out pretty much the first half of the day to spend with the little guy, and just have fun. We just do whatever. You know, such a blessing to be able to do that.

What is your proudest moment in your professional and personal life?

Becoming a dad was certainly a proud moment. In business, my first year with LegalShield, I was the number one team builder in all of Colorado, which kind of blew me away. Second year, I was the number one team builder in the entire company, in the entire North America. And there’s like thirty, forty-thousand associates. And so I got invited up to breakfast with the CEO when we were on a company-paid trip, all-expenses-paid trip in Disneyworld. So that was a really special time.

So, what do you tell people who call LegalShield an MLM company?

You know, we don’t play the convincing game. All we say is, “take a look.” And when somebody takes a look, they either say yes or no. Everybody that says no, if they’ve been exposed to this company, to the mission of the company, what the products do, they will sign up once they realize it. It’s smart to get it now, because you don’t know when your identity will be stolen. You don’t know when you’re going to get that next speeding ticket. Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. You gotta get your will done and everything else. You don’t know when you’re going to get sued.

So despite the MLM label, the service is real.

Yes, anybody can do the research. I mean, A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. Less than 200 complaints at the BBB for a company that’s been around for 49 years, and has almost 5 million people using the service. You can’t beat it. Some of the most amazing endorsements and recommendations.

But Multilevel Marketing has to do with team building. It’s the most fairest (sic) model on the planet. If you’re going to get a job and work for your boss, that’s a pyramid. You are never going to make more than that guy. And he doesn’t want you to take his spot. Right? So in network marketing, you can bring somebody in, they can make more money than you (sic). You bring somebody in, you help them cuz you can both make money together; it’s like a real estate brokerage, an insurance agency, mortgage office. It’s the best model on the planet.

Now, if you don’t like team build (sic) because it involves becoming a leader, and becoming a better person, and growingnot everybody can handle thatyou can yourself market these memberships all day long, do it all yourself. Or, people that come from corporate America, high level corporate America, network marketing it’s like, they can’t even understand it (sic) But what they can do is they can thrive in corporate America, [but] they don’t actually want to work for corporate America. Who wants to work for corporate America? Very few people really do. So, we give people an opportunity to work with businesses, do B2B, not network marketing; work with businesses, protect the business, protect their employees (sic).

We have a slogan: hashtag: MLM perfected. Cuz what other MLM company do you know that can deal directly with business owners, HR Directors, offer their products as a voluntary employee benefit? So, it’s not pills and potions. It’s solving some of the biggest problems in society. And whoever does that makes the most money, and we’re making a ton of money right now.

What is your biggest dream outside the company?

So, I come from an environmental background, you know; I did the environmental consulting. So, I wanna give back. It’s all about giving back, and funding, being able to fund charitable causes, and stuff like that. You need money to do that, you should volunteer time, as well, which is currency. So, there’s that. You know, there is traveling, having homes in different places. Ultimately, this is a business, it’s a legacy business. All the income that you generate here can be passed down to your family for multiple generations. It just flows down.

What is a talent that you have that surprises you and surprises other people?

That’s a good question. One of my mentors would just say that I’m a good student, that I follow the system and do the activity. I started seeing four-figure daily deposits in this business after twenty months. I was like “wow!” You know, every step is great, but that I was a really big one.

Now, you deal in cryptocurrency as well. How is that going?

Yeah, I do some crypto; I do some real estate; I do investment in the market. So, yeah. I do all. Except crypto is very exciting. It’s very interesting. It’s exploding right now. Who knows how long that’s gonna happen? You know, every crypto has a story, a different use. So, yes, I’m just learning.

It was getting late, and to wrap it up, I told Brett of a time when I walked out of a grocery store without paying for my items—my cart was worth about $150, discounts included. I had accidentally not paid for them, and the cashier had not charged me for them, either. We had been involved in a conversation that completely took our attention from the business at hand, which had resulted in both our omissions. I told Brett it was a proud moment for me when I returned to pay for the items, having realized what had just happened; and how that ability to turn around to correct a wrong, that type of integrity, was something I wanted to teach my daughter, so that she would always be trusted and respected, and loved. I expressed, however, that the government was not built with that type of honesty, that it was in many ways tailored in favor of a few. Brett had a recommendation on how to tackle said system.

With LegalShield, you can call your attorney and find out if you have legal rights. Because what you say, the law is legal, not logical. Let’s empower people, so they can use the system how it is intended to be used for everybody.

Thank you very much, Brett. Have a great night.

You, too. Have a great night.

Find out about the services that Brett offers, below.




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